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Music Ministry

At the heart of our worship ministries is an in-depth music ministry.  Rich in so many ways - tradition, education, variety, and experience - our music ministry is central to our mission of "Equipping the Saints".

About Our Music Ministry
Scott G. Hayes, Director of Music 
Daniel Stipe, Principal Organist

All Saints Church has a long and storied history of choral music, especially since the founding of All Saints Choir of Men & Boys in 1899.  Today, this tradition continues by honoring the past to move into the future.  Our music ministry continues to be based around a strong choir program, as singing is the primary musical expression of faith.


Choirs for Children & Youth

At the heart of our music ministries are our three children's & youth choirs. Our program is affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM), an organization dedicated to furthering music education in the church.  In 2016, All Angels Voices, the Boys Choir, and the Girls Choir adopted the RSCM training scheme, where young singers truly learn about the music they sing, both musically and theologically. As singers progress through the various levels, they mark their program through achieving different very rewarding “ranks.”

As we rebuild from the Pandemic, our Girls and Boys Choirs are currently singing together with the Men of the choir.  We welcome all children from the Greater Richmond area!  Come make history with us as we write the next chapter of this historic ministry of music!

​The All Saints Choir of Men and Boys was founded in 1899, and continues as one of the only all-male choruses associated with a church in the state of Virginia. The choir is open to boys from grades 2 - 8; teen men from grades 9-12 and skilled adult men (stipendiary and volunteer). The choir tours regionally annually and occasionally further - and took a trip to England in November 2019. For more information, click here.

All Saints Girls Choir was founded in 1960. A similar experience to the Boys Choir, the Girls Choir has its own identity, planning tours and continuing traditions separate from the Boys. The Girls Choir is open to girls grades 2-12, with the older girls mentoring and assisting younger singers. For more information, click here


The St. Nicholas Choir was founded in 2019 for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grades. This is a training choir in which the students “find their singing voice,” have an introduction to the rudiments of music and begin to learn the hymns and service music of the Church. Children who participate in this group are better prepared to move into the Boys or Girls Choir. The choir performs about once a quarter. For more information, click here. 


Choirs for Adults

All Saints Parish Choir is a mixed choir of primarily volunteer singers. Repertoire is drawn from all periods of sacred music. One Sunday each month, the choir supports the Girls Choir reinforcing the Soprano line, but providing the Alto, Tenor and Bass parts.  Singers in this choir come from all types of musical backgrounds – some are highly trained, others don’t read music.  Musical experience is not necessary for this group (though the ability to read music is helpful but not required), but the desire to experience and sing great music is a must. 

All Saints Choral Scholars is an auditioned stipendiary ensemble of 4-8 members.  The Choral Scholars will usually supplement one of the other choirs – joining on Sunday mornings with the scheduled choir.  Occasionally, the Choral Scholars will sing as an independent ensemble, or have the solo opportunities. 


Other Musical Opportunities

Other singing opportunities arise from time to time, such as the summer choir, and other pick-up choir events. Keep an eye open for these events on the All Saints website and Facebook page, or the Music Ministry Facebook pages for more information about these opportunities! 

For more information about any of these opportunities, please contact Scott G. Hayes, Director of Music at 804-288-7811, ext. 108.


Instruments at All Saints

All Saints Church is home to two pipe organs and three grand pianos. 


The primary instrument used in worship is the fine 1967 Austin Organ of 3 manuals and 58 ranks. The instrument was dedicated in November 1967 with a recital by Frederick Swann, now one of the most revered concert organists in the country, having served prominent churches such as Riverside Church in New York City, and the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA.  In 1998, the Austin Organ Company returned to All Saints and installed a new Antiphonal Organ.  Later additions/enhancements include a solo Festival Trumpet, and a computerized console.

In 2018, a six rank 1960s Schlicker organ was donated by Mr. Douglas Ritchey of Columbus, Ohio, and installed in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit.  This small instrument is strongly influenced by the neo-Baroque style prevalet when the instrument was constructed.  The organ is completely modular - the bulk of the instrument is on wheels!  The organ has enabled the chapel to host a wider variety of services and events where 50 or less people are to be in attendance. 

The church tower houses three bells, which toll the hour and peal for festive occasions.  We also house pianos by Yamaha (church and chapel), Steinway (choir room), and Young Chang (Thornton Hall) Orff instruments, and hand chimes. 

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