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Music Ministry

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Scott G. Hayes, Director of Music 
Daniel Stipe, Principal Organist

At the heart of our worship ministries is an in-depth music ministry.  Rich in so many ways - tradition, education, variety, and experience - our music ministry is central to our mission of "Equipping the Saints".

All Saints Church has a long and storied history of choral music, since the founding of All Saints Choir of Men & Boys in 1899.  Today, this tradition continues by honoring the past to move into the future.  Our music ministry continues to be based around a strong choir program, as singing is the primary musical expression of faith.

Choirs for All Ages

All Saints has choirs for all ages and musical experience. All choirs are anchored by a professional core, and sing a broad spectrum of choral repertoire from Renaissance motets to African American spirituals.

  • The Choir of Men & Boys is open to all boys grades 2-8 (no church membership required), musically advanced teen boys, and a strong core of adult voices.  This choir sings about twice a month. The men & teens rehearse on Thursday, 7:00 PM; the Boys on Tuesdays, 5:00 - 6:00 PM and Friday, 5:30 - 7:30 PM.

  • The Girls Choir is open to all girls grades 2-10 (no church membership required).  They currently sing with the Choir of Men & Boys, and rehearse Tuesdays, 5:00 - 6:00 PM and Friday, 5:30 - 7:30 PM.

  • The Parish Choir is open to all adult & teen singers.  They currently sing about three times a month, and rehearse Thursdays, 8:05 - 9:05 PM. 

Click here for more information about our choirs!

Instruments at All Saints

All Saints Church is home to two pipe organs and three grand pianos. 


The primary instrument used in worship is the fine 1967 Austin Organ of 3 manuals and 58 ranks. The instrument was dedicated in November 1967 with a recital by Frederick Swann, now one of the most revered concert organists in the country, having served prominent churches such as Riverside Church in New York City, and the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA.  In 1998, the Austin Organ Company returned to All Saints and installed a new Antiphonal Organ.  Later additions/enhancements include a solo Festival Trumpet, and a computerized console.

In 2018, a six rank 1960s Schlicker organ was donated by Mr. Douglas Ritchey of Columbus, Ohio, and installed in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit.  This small instrument is strongly influenced by the neo-Baroque style prevalet when the instrument was constructed.  The organ is completely modular - the bulk of the instrument is on wheels!  The organ has enabled the chapel to host a wider variety of services and events where 50 or less people are to be in attendance. 

The church tower houses three bells, which toll the hour and peal for festive occasions.  We also house pianos by Yamaha (church and chapel), Steinway (choir room), and Young Chang (Thornton Hall) Orff instruments, and hand chimes. 

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