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Our Mission

All Saints is a church

    quipping the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.


The Book of Common Prayer, page 533 and Ephesians 4:12

N.T. Wright’s modern translation of this verse states, “Their job is to give God’s people the equipment they need for their work of service, and so to build up the King’s (Christ's) body.” [i] The basic definition of a saint is anyone who is a follower of Jesus Christ and living their life in His example. We want All Saints Church to become a place for spiritual formation where people can discover their own gifts and then ways to share their gifts in the work of ministry. In this Ephesians’ letter, Paul introduces that great phrase “the body of Christ”, which means we are called to be the hands, feet and speech of Christ in the community in which we live to serve. We pray we are a place where we not only honor, but also allow our rich tradition of the Episcopal liturgies to overflow from our worship life into our daily life. We want All Saints to be a place where all God’s children are welcomed, taught to love selflessly, explore different ways to pray, experience music, and see the greatness of God’s gifts shared with us. We want All Saints to be a place where we ignite participation in all the gifts God has given to us and then share in the work of ministry.  


[i]  Wright, N.T. Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters Copyright 2002.

Westminster John Knox Press. Louisville, Kentucky. Page 46

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