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Annual Giving

A Note from our Stewardship Chairs, Bev and Dan Kniffen

Stewardship comes once a year like Christmas and Easter. Yet, we are challenged to be Stewards and witnesses all year through just like Christmas and Easter. 


  • If you were here during Claude McCauley’s time as Rector, you learned about the practice of tithing. Giving that 10% of your income. And, if you didn’t understand tithing during the Stewardship Campaign then you weren’t listening to his sermons. 

  • If you joined All Saints during Doug Burgoyne’s years as Rector, you learned about proportionate giving with charts and examples to help guide you in your giving. 

  • Bob Friend’s time as Rector, brought us similar testimonies from Parishioners sharing how God had blessed them and their families. Giving to All Saints of your time, talent and treasures was your way to say: ‘Thank you, God.’ 

  • During Brent Melton’s recent time as Rector, our Mission Statement: “Equipping the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” was the foundation of Stewardship.

But, regardless of what message we were given or received, we were always asked to financially commit more because we didn’t quite meet our goal.


For 2021, let us all really take a risk with what God gives us! Remember: “All things come from thee, O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee.” Let us meet God’s goal for us…bearing witness to Him because that is a Church which strengthens and matters. That is a Church who will have a future. That is a Church who should. 


As Bishop Curry professed, let us be evangelizing Episcopalians, witnessing and pointing each other and those outside our walls to Jesus…perhaps even giving a clap of our hands and saying: “Thank you, Jesus!” like Sister Saunders. Because: “Life may not be a crystal staircase, but you can make it. Don’t think this world will always stay the way it is. This world can change because there is a Jesus. And He died and He rose again. And if He can make it, you just follow Him and you can make it, too!”


Take time to deeply discern your financial commitment to All Saints. Take a risk with what God gives you!


Merry Christmas,

Dan and Bev Kniffen


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