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A Note from our Senior Wardens

Fellow Parishioners,


The New Church Year begins in about two months. With it, comes our reflection on the blessings and the ups and downs of this past year as well as a vision and excitement for new accomplishments and adventures. The New Church Fiscal Year requires us to determine our investment in these new accomplishments and adventures.


Let us be thankful for the ministry and leadership of our interim rector, Penny Nash. Earlier this year, the Holy Cow Church Assessment identified All Saints as a “Recovery Church.” Penny wrapped her arms around the Church and the Congregation. Through her guidance and leadership, she has rejuvenated the life and ministry of All Saints. Her unconditional love and devotion to All Saints, our Congregation, and in preparing us to call a new Rector, has served us well.


Our worship has a deep spiritual meaning; previous ministries have new life like the Community Garden and Youth Readers; new ministries have been instituted like the Saint’s Chariot. The Day School bustles; the Music Program flourishes; the children’s and youth programs blossom and the physical plant sparkles. All Saints has become a focal point in our River Road community. 


Let us look forward to growing our existing ministries, to creating new ministries and to expanding our outreach and service to our community. Let us look forward to welcoming a new Rector, as well as a new Bishop. Part of welcoming a new Rector includes being on a strong financial footing.


To fulfill our plans for ministry, to expand outreach, to fully support our staff and our diocese, and to meet our obligations, we as a congregation must substantially increase our financial giving. We, the wardens of All Saints, ask you to make a financial pledge in the mission and ministry of this parish. 


If you did not receive a pledge card in the mail, please grab one from church on Sunday, or email us to request one. We ask that you fill out and return the pledge card by November 6, 2022, All Saint’s Sunday where we will bless the pledge cards and celebrate together with a parish lunch and activities for kids. You can also make your pledge online by clicking the link below.


“We Worship with our Tithes and Offerings!”




Mark Wilcox, Senior Warden

Jim McCauley, Junior Warden

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