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Open Positions at All Saints

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This exciting opportunity is brought to you by the Youth Ministry Institute and the Center for Youth Ministry Training.


This unique opportunity allows you to:

Serve at a church dedicated to growth, both in you and in their young people.

Receive a salary while using your passion to create a new future for the youth ministry.

Earn a DEBT-FREE MASTERS DEGREE or PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION to broaden your theological and practical training.

Benefit from Professional Coaching to help you develop every step of the way.

To learn more about the certification program, the graduate program, or to apply, click here.

What Does Success Look Like At All Saints?

This church is eager to welcome a Director of Youth Ministries who will serve part-time while earning their graduate degree. They consider it a huge win when young people are excited to come to youth programming and make it a priority in their lives. You'll connect with families and teens during this important life stage, and build a community where all are welcome.

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